Release Date:
24 July 2018

Boreta (Bandcamp)

Visual design for Justin Boreta’s meditation + music collaboration with Ram Dass Organization.

IMAGINE is an immersive project that blends a very unique early 70's Ram Dass meditation with an audio soundscape created by Boreta (of The Glitch Mob). This video was created to accompany the piece as a visual meditation, to invite you to submerge yourself into the depths of your consciousness, to discover the possibility of truth. We hope you find expansiveness and joy in this experience, whether you are an experienced meditator or have no experience - there is no right or wrong way to be with what is; it only requires that you surrender into the waves of awareness.


When I spent time with Ram Dass in Maui recently, he asked me about our music. I said, “We take the love that people give us and send it back out as music. It’s a feedback loop.” “Ah,” he stopped me, grinning. “That’s your ego talking. You see that? Your ego gives and takes. It manipulates. Your true essence is to simply be the love. There’s nothing to do there.” It’s a subtle difference but I sit with this every day. He’s not saying that our ego is bad; we need it, too. He’s saying that there’s a seat of consciousness behind the thinking mind that is pure love. Or call it pure awareness, or God. Same thing. When you access that place, you simply just be. There’s nothing to do there, no desire to attempt to change yourself or anyone else. You are perfect just as you are. I’ve felt it and it’s liberating. I am honored to present this collaboration with Ram Dass. It’s an homage to someone who has pointed me in the right direction. We hope it brings you joy. Set aside 30 mins and dive deep.
— Boreta