A 3D Show by LV4

︎8 December 2021 ︎

LV4, the Spirit Bomb label’s head cybernetic virtual being beat-maker, returns with a brand new set in celebration of his latest collaboration with The Underachievers with the single titled ‘Harrison Ford‘, an ode to sci-fi lore and and virtual existence(s). Utilizing the Ghost Series 3D LED Display technology by 3D Live, which produces a holographic effect of dimension and space, LV4 will take us on not only his latest sonic journey (with the likes Flying Lotus, Mr. Carmack, The Underachievers) but a visual one as well, one that traverses the Metaverse as LV4 harnesses the energy of his newfound creativity to subvert chaotic ghosts within the machine.

Photography: Matt Nelson

a SPIRIT BOMB Production

Unreal Artists:
Nicholas Juister
Andre Zakhya

Technical Artist:
Vince McKelvie

Character Artist:
Steve Teeple

Jamie Eyster
David Wexler

Original Music:
Flying Lotus
Mr. Carmack
The Underachievers

Jonathan Chau

Sound Design:
Gavin Gamboa
Jonathan Chau

Voice of SUBI:
Grace Oh

DJ Mixes:
Different Sleep

Associate Producer:
Annabelle Cho

Storyboard Artist:
Ibey Jara

Directed by:
David Wexler

Executive Producer:
Ian Simon

Nick Maresh

Special thanks to our team and partners:
Jessica Lawson
Lateef Garrett
3D Live
Wave XR
Agora Studios
Replica Studios
Infamous PR
2+2 Management
Dim Mak
Mack Sennett Studios