︎26 March 2021 ︎

Polia & Blastema, E. Elias Merhige's first foray into opera, is a gnostic creation myth told through a visual tapestry which journeys into immensely desolate hellscapes of the inorganic as organic folding back onto itself in ever spiraling, fractally superimposing cataclysms of wormhole network (be)longing.

Aesthetically tempered by aspects of decay, rot, earth, and the meta-myth structure of human cognition, the multi-leveled world of Polia & Blastema is in-formed by Viennese Actionism as much as it is by Eugene Thacker’s notions of “the world without us”, of supernatural horror and dissolution, expressed in the separation and (re)union of two entities who in the end feast on one another in ritualistic ecstasy

Presented by
Century Guild Creative
Strangeloop Studios
The Teaching Machine

Polia & Blastema
a cosmic opera

Nina McNeely
Jasmine Albuquerque

Libretto & Direction
E. Elias Merhige

Creative Direction & Visual Effects Supervisor
David Wexler

Composer & Sound Design
Gavin Gamboa

Jake Bloch

Micaela Tobin
Sharon Chohi Kim

Associate Producers
Ian Simon

Production Coordinator
Nick Maresh

3D Animation
Alec Maassen
Aron Johnson
Nicholas Juister
David Wexler