Layer3︎︎︎Hypercube︎︎︎3D Live

︎2010-Present ︎

Strangeloop has been providing content and visual direction for FlyLo since the early days of Brainfeeder, following his notoriously diverse and eclectic aesthetic. In 2012, Strangeloop worked with FlyLo and Timeboy to produce the Layer3 multi-layered projection show. For 2017, SLS built a groundbreaking new show, creating and directing stereoscopic content for his one-of-a-kind 3D LED wall in collaboration with 3D Live and Timeboy.

Production Collaborators : Steven Ellison · Timeboy · 3D Live | Axo

Content Collaborators : Scott Pagano, Beeple, Unc, David Firth, and many others.